Why might I refer my child to music therapy?

Just as each child is very different, so are the reasons for referring your child to a Registered Music Therapist for assessment. Your child does not need to possess any musical ability at all to be able to meaningfully participate in a music therapy session nor do they need to be of a certain age. Research suggests that from within the womb, a baby can hear and react to music and that music helps to shape the neural pathways of the brain. In the early years of life, neural pathways are being shaped constantly, making early intervention with children with special needs crucial to maximise their developmental potential.

In a Music Therapy session, music is the tool used by the Registered Music Therapist to address one or all of the skill areas listed below.

A child can be referred because they require intervention to assist in the development of their:

  • speech/language/communication skills
  • motor skills (gross/fine)
  • sensory processing
  • social skills (waiting, turn-taking, listening etc)
  • literacy skills
  • numeracy skills
  • emotional awareness
  • cognitive (thinking) skills
  • self-confidence
  • self-expression
  • behaviour

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